Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Welcome to Paradise

I wanted to explain the name of my blog. I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I am 7 houses from the beach. Every morning I go to the end of my street and see the most amazing sight, the ocean. Sometimes I just stay at the stop sign and take in the sights. I tell my children to look. "Look at what God has made". Of course they roll their eyes. They do not understand the majesty and beauty of the ocean, because they live right next to it every day. And I am always reminded that I am the same way. I have 4 beautiful children and a faithful husband and two loving parents and... I could go on and on.

Sometimes the ocean is peaceful and calm and the birds are flying in the air just like on the postcards and then there are days that the waves are pounding on the shore with such anger and force and energy. And then there are days that there are just nice waves that roll in with grace. But it is still the same beautiful creation that was created by God. It is still majestic! It is still mighty! It is....And that is life. It may be calm, it may be crazy, but it is beautiful!

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